A surprising spring ice shower melts quickly in the warming sun.

Why SingingPixel? Because a good photo should be music to your eyes: harmonious,  pleasing, surprising, and lifting your spirit outside the prosaic.

My aim is to let viewers  perceive the beautiful, striking, or even terrifying in the world around us. In coaxing plants and animals to share their secret lives, my ideal is to show the miraculous in the mundane, which is so easy to overlook in our busy days.

I take this sensibility into child and pet photography and outdoor event photography in the Tampa Bay area, where I specialize in unobtrusive, naturally lit photos that capture moments. I want my subjects to forget that someone is present to document their lives.

This site is still in development, but you can see a selection of photos at my flickr account.

If I’ve misidentified (or not identified) a plant, animal, or location, please let me know! I often have to take a stab at identification based on field guides and I sometimes get it wrong.